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Technilamp has a range of infrared heating lamps most commonly used for infrared heating in livestock, including: piggeries, chickens, dogs and horses. Infrared heat technology is also used for Industrial Heating Applications and General Radiant Heating. Manufactured from the highest quality hard glass, Infrared heat lamps are extremely tough and durable, offering splash proof resistance and accurate, controllable radiant heat.


Livestock Infrared Lamp 


Our products are available in the Philips range or alternate product brand:

Blown Bulb Reflector: R125 and BR125 (125 mm diameter)

Glass Reflector Lamp: PAR38 (121 mm diameter)

Features Benefits
  • Infrared heat lamp is manufactured using approved SABS materials: heat hard glass fibre bulb.
  • Infrared heat lamp provide instant, accurate and controllable radiant heat with high mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shocks (splash proof)
  • Offers a double reflector system through use of nickel plated caps
  • 90% of the energy is transmitted into heat PAR38 lamps, thus directly distributing the heat evenly
  • Infrared heat lamps are available in clear and red versions
  • Infrared heat lamps offer an extensive Lifetime of approximately 5 000 hours
  • Offers a simple, safe and clean heat source
  • High efficiency with low energy costs
  • Rapid developing healthier animals with a low mortality rate in animal rearing
  • 30% extra energy saving with use of PAR through its unique reflector system
  • Dimmable
  • Agricultural: Livestock heat lamps uses heat technology to assist in the breeding and rearing of :pigs, calves, foals, dogs, poultry etc.
  • Livestock: Livestock heat lamps are also used in veterinary clinics, zoos, pet shops
  • Industrial Heating: Infrared heat lamps used for drying, baking, carbonising, melting etc.
  • General Radiant Heating: Infrared heat lamps are used in. hot food displays, bathrooms, cooker hoods, space heating, hobbies etc.

Livestock infrared heatlamp lamp fitting

The Technilamp livestock fitting is a tough, durable and long life lamp fitting, designed specifically for the livestock market and is used mainly for the breeding and rearing in pigs, cows, chickens, dogs and horses. Offering a mild steel chain for temperature control, the livestock fitting is the perfect accessory for the infrared heat lamp to ensure safe, even heat distribution in the breeding and rearing of livestock.

Infrared Lamp Livestock | Piggeries Light | Technilamp


Features Benefits
  • Offers instant radiant heat to livestock
  • Manufactured from hard glass fibre SABS material
  • Hard glass Philips lamp or alternate range
  • Strong, durable connector
  • Double reflector
  • Easy replaceable lamp design
  • Easy replaceable connectors
  • Mild, steel chain with adjustable height settings for optimum temperature control
  • Instant maternal heat for piglet, thereby reducing stress on the sow
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Splash proof
  • Long life, no maintenance
  • 90% of heat is directly transferred and distributed
  • Labour saving
  • Cost effective: save on purchasing a whole new fitting


The Livestock fitting is designed specifically for the livestock market and is used mainly for the breeding and rearing of various livestock, including:
  • Piglets
  • Calves
  • Chicks
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • General animal husbandry

Infrared Lamps | Livestock | Piggeries Installation



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